Saturday, 16 December 2017
The Tracker™ Line
Heavy Duty

Heavy Equipment

Light Duty

Freight Container

Off Road


What you Get
Standard Features
- Real-time GPS location
- Anti-theft & Anti-tow features
- Alerts by telephone, text message, email
- Idle time
- Automated Emergency Response Plans
- Automated Reporting
- Geo-fencing
- Supports small fleets
- optional ALL-HAZARD or dashboard casing
- Access from any web device
- Portable - take it with you
- Tractor and trailer connection status
- Trailer lights on/off status
- Battery charge level
- Recharge through vehicle battery / power plug
- Optional solar charging for infinite idle periods
- Remotely lock/unlock doors*
- Remotely start/kill ignition*

* requires installation by owner or mechanic (these features do not require any additional sensors but do take the place of one wired sensor each)

Sensor Options (LDT uses and two)
- Identify door/hatch position
- Detect trunk/toolbox break-in
- Monitor movement of equipment, tools, cargo
- Measure temperature / humidity
- Detect accidents/tipping
- Intruder warning
- Identify liquid tank levels (hoppers, aux tanks, etc.)
- Determine engine running/off
- Lights on/off
- Remotely lock/unlock doors*
- Remotely start/kill ignition*

* does not require any additional equipment purchase from LDT; counts as one sensor option; installation necessary by owner or mechanic


Whether you are just starting out or operate a light truck commercial fleet, LDT can start working for you immediately. LDT offers solutions from simple GPS tracking and reporting to an integrated monitoring and alarm system for protecting your vehicle, toolbox, cargo, and other valuables! The LDT portal easily integrates two or more systems into a single reporting page for easy viewing of your fleet, regardless of the number of vehicles on the road.
Light Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Trucks, RV's

Track, Secure & Manage Vehicles and Valuables!

LightDutyTracker (LDT) offers many of the same Mobile Asset Security & Tracking (MAST™) features as HeavyDutyTracker, but at reduced prices! Now you can TRACK and PROTECT your vehicles and their contents with a single low-cost system. If your vehicle is moving against your knowledge or is vandalized, LDT will immediately contact you or appropriate authorities by telephone, cell phone, text message, or email regardless of where you are located. Rest assured that when you are traveling, LDT is protecting your investment!

LightDutyTracker tracks and protects your vehicle, toolbox, cargo, and other valuables!

In addition to many standard features, LDT also enables users to select any two of the following options: Identify door/hatch position; Detect trunk/toolbox break-in; Monitor movement of equipment, tools, cargo; Measure temperature / humidity; Detect accidents/tipping; Intruder detection; Identify liquid tank levels (hoppers, aux tanks, etc.); Determine engine running/off; Lights on/off; Remotely lock/unlock doors; Remotely start/kill ignition.

Plug into your aux power socket or cigarette lighter - take it with you from vehicle to vehicle!


Aren't your valuables and truck worth protecting?

Works on all makes & models of commercial light trucks, trailers, pick-ups, lawn & light construction equipment!


AFFORDABLE and Saves You Money & Time!
LightDutyTracker is VERY AFFORDABLE, not complicated, easy-to-install and use, and can grow with your business. Don't wait to PROTECT YOUR VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT, SAVE MONEY, IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, and INCREASE REVENUES.

01/12/10 - LightDutyTracker asks all of you to please support the Victims of Haiti. You can make a donation through the American Red Cross.

12/18/09 - LightDutyTracker™ supports Truckers for Charity with a charitable donation of clothing and toys for disadvantaged families.

12/10/09 - LightDutyTracker™ thanks our Men & Women of our Armed Forces by supporting the US White House Commission on Remembrance.
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Do you Make Money with Your Truck?
"I'm an electrical contractor and my truck and my tools are my bread and butter. If my truck or tools are stolen, I'm out of business - in fact, I'm out of my home! With the economy so tight, I need to be working, not driving around in circles and not worrying about getting my stuff stolen. LDT helps me improve my productivity while giving me peace of mind - especially when I'm working in really rural areas or in the city at night!" Nicholas V., Licensed Electrician.
LightDutyTracker is exactly what I need at the price I can afford! I use LDT to study the efficiency of my weekly travel routes and to protect my customer's valuables. Moving pianos and other small, dense expensive cargo is my market niche. Quality assurance, safety and security are a must for my business." Billy G., Specialty Products Mover

"I run a small fleet of landscaping trucks and trailers. The equipment on some of my trailers cost more than the truck itself! I've had trailers and tractors stolen - once by my own employee! Now with LightDutyTracker I no longer worry about equipment loss. Just the fact that LDT is installed is a major deterrent!" Alex B., Landscaper
LightDutyTracker is pre-configured at the factory to meet your specifications. If your requirements change, no problems. HDT is easily modified by you "over-the-air." It doesn't matter where your tractor or trailer is located, you have full 24/7 access.